Best Routine of Chest Workout for Men

Best Routine of Chest Workout for Men

Chest workout for men is considered as the most favorite workout among men. They love to do chest workouts because of the visible effects of having bigger attractive Pec. There are many Chest Workout for Men to increase chest size, there are two ways to achieve the goal, The Heavier way, second is the smarter way. The smarter way of chest workout is listed below; there are six exercises that have different strategies.

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Tips for Chest Workout for Men Are

Tip one: Overall Chest Mass

Overall Chest Mass

Mass gaining work out includes some principles that help individuals to train in a systematic and strategic way to gain weight. These principles include.


·    Starting of the exercise with heavy movements’ that includes multi-joints of the body.

·    Stimulating muscles from a different variety of angles

·    Increased number of exercises along with an increased repetitive number of reps, sets, and exercises.

Exercises for increasing muscle weight start with dumbbell bench press. Because doing dumbbell bench press is more tough and hard to control rather than barbells and rule for chest muscles is the heavier the better. The heavier the workout will be the more body increases the range of motion that in results tear up the weak muscles and grow strong, toned and ripped abs and pecs.


·        Select the weight that is hard to lift so that it can increase ROM by allowing the muscle to reach muscle failure.

·       The heavier the better rule is good but doing the higher reps one should lighten the weight slightly on each rep.

·       If you have a trainer, a partner or a supporter in an exercise you should go for a heavier set and forced reps during the workout. If you are working alone than train heavy and in a way that it increases muscle failure, and as an ending exercise one should perform a drop set.

Second Tip for Greater Chest Definition

Second Tip for Greater Chest Definition

Lightweights with repetitive exercise are considered an orthodox and ineffective way of exercise. It does not help an individual to rip apart weak muscles and grow those strong muscles. The approach to lean out the body and define those muscles is burn excess calories and helps the body to consume Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which are the excessive toxic calories that a body burn after any workout. One should opt this routine to get in the perfect shape the routine includes multi-joint exercises that include short rest periods, supersets along with high volume exercises that burn the soft, excess fat from the body.


·         One should choose the weight that helps in increasing the chances of muscle failure.

·         The basic tip is to start the exercise with heavier weight and increased reps that not only increases the metabolic rate but also activates growth hormones. This specific technique also helps in maintaining muscle tissues.

·        Rest periods should be short otherwise it will lower down the muscle recovery system and make your heavy exercise in-efficient.

3rd Strategy Starting Out Right

3rd Strategy Starting Out Right

 Those bulky ripped chest muscles are not the product of one or two exercises but if these exercises are done on daily basis it will surely affect the bodily system. Making this exercise routine a second nature is a must for beginners to get the optimum result, Key behind this is to learn the basic movements, pattern, and their repetition quantity.

For beginners lifting heavy is not the priority but making the habit nature is the basic need. All of these chest exercises are done by machines that control the movements and allows sophisticated introduction to work
 out and weight training, but if you get the feel to do the freehand training you can always jump on the free weight counterparts which not only enhance the brain-body coordination but also a smarter choice for building strong muscles.

4th Strategy Upper-Chest Emphasis

Upper-Chest Emphasis

This chest workout changes the position and intensity of the exercise because in this exercise the upper chest region is targeted and to enhance the muscle of this area one should start hitting the incline bench movement. The incline bench is much steeper than the incline bench used for dumbbells. So the pecs will get slightly different stimulus.

Secondly, the range and intensity of reps will be changed at each angle you work on. 
Abandonment of angels is not preferred in this exercise, if an individual has done the work out with multi-joint movement, he can switch to the exercises that include single- joint exercise along with that mainly focuses on upper pecs of the body.

5th Strategy Lower-Chests Emphasis

Lower-Chests Emphasis

The strategy to increase the lower chest area is as same as the upper chest area but with a slight difference. Here you will do the exercises and bench presses that benefit the lower chest area. You’ll do exercises with different movements using different decline angles.

Doing the lower chest exercises, one will not abandon the upper chest area; individual will also hit incline benches to keep the growth stimulation in balance. This exercise includes a superset that has powerful pec pumping property, cable crossovers, and multijoint dips.


·         A considerable weight should be chosen that allows reaching full muscle failure capability by targeted reps.

·       This strategy is opposite to the upper chest workout routine, in this routine light weights are used for higher reps.


Chest exercises are the most favorite workouts because these are the muscles that are easy to stimulate. There are many exercises to increase the stimulation and to get the better results.

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