How Many Times Should you Workout a Week – ( Complete Guide for Everyone)

How Many Times Should you Workout a Week – ( Complete Guide for Everyone)

How many times should you workout a week? If you have this question so today in HS you will get the answer to this question plus we will also talk about how many times you need to work out a week to get maximum Advantage from training and Which type of workout protocol is best for you and how many times should you workout?

And all the related questions about this topic we will discuss. So let’s start this topic how many times should you workout a week.

How Many Times Should Workout a Week?

Well, the answer to this question is:

“There is no fix are the ideal training program is built or recommended who anyone can follow. For every person training is different. Actually, training depends on different factors like your age your lifestyle your current physics and your goals so the training is different for different persons according to their age and lifestyle and goal.”

For example, if you do a job you should probably maximum go to the gym 3 days a week and of course it is very hard to go more than these days because of job and other life works but still in this Lifestyle you can get a good muscle mass by setting up your training methods and diet.

While doing training three days a week you can also achieve your goal while it is cutting, bulking, or gaining strength. And the results are also going to the same for a person who trained 5 days a week in the gym.

But you can get results if you do train in a proper way and take the right diet. To achieve your goals you need to know and understand the term properly what is “Frequency”.

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Here frequency means how many days a week you train a muscle. For example, If you train 6 times a week so it is possible for you to train one muscle part two times a week.

This workout split is done by most of the people and it is known as “Push Pull Leg Workout”. Now you have a question what is Push Pull Leg workout.

Push Pull Leg:

Push Pull Leg

Well basically in Push Pull Leg workout one day we do push movements exercises and next day you do Pull movement and next day you do leg exercises and then you take a rest of 1 day and then you repeat the same process.

So in this way you can easily train your one muscle part twice a week. Well researchers say that if you train any muscles part twice a week then the more muscle hypertrophy has occurred and as a result the more muscle size you gain. Sounds Cool!

Well, I agree with this research only 70% because it mostly depends on our diet and training. If you go to the gym 4 days a week you can also get results.

For example, in my case, I go to the gym 4 days a week and train like this 1st-day upper body, 2nd-day rest, 3rd day lower body, 4th-day rest, 5th-day upper body and 6th-day rest and repeat the same process. This workout is known as Upper Lower Body workout split.

But I want to say that both workout splits are great. But here is another type of workout split come which is known as Bro Split Workout. Let talk about it.

Bro Split Workout:

And the third type of workout which I follow most is known as Bro split workout. Yes, here I am talking about the bro split workout. It is the same workout in which we do the chest on Monday’s bicep on Tuesday on Thursday we train the back and take a rest of one day and then we train our legs.

But in this workout, we train a single muscle part 1 time a week.  But now you think can train a single muscle part 1 time a week is enough. Well, the answer here is yes it is! Because technically we are not training a single muscle group one time.

For example, think when we do chest workout over tricep muscles or also involved in the training and when we do back muscle exercises our bicep muscles are involved as well.

In this case, our muscles are automatically Got trained and we also get a chance to hit one muscle part properly. Well now the question comes here is what type of workout you need to do.

Which Type of Workout Best Suits you:

Which Type of Workout Best Suits you

Basically here I talk about two types of person and according to my experience I will suggest them the workouts

  • Job person:

For a job person, I suggest him to work out only 3 days a week because it is best for him due to his Lifestyle if you are a person who works in some office or has your own shop then this is best for you because in this workout you go to the gym only three days a week.

Which is enough for you if you want to be fit and healthy. I Suggest you follow Upper Lower Body Workout Split.

  • For Seriously Goals Person:

The persons who are very serious regarding their goal whether it is bulking or cutting I suggest him to go to the gym and workout 5 days a week because your body needs more workouts to achieve your goals and the benefits you get to go to the gym 5 days a week is that you can train your one muscle part twice a week.

In results the more muscle growth you have and by doing 5 days workout a week you will burn more calories than a normal person which also helps you to lose weight and get lean.

But I highly suggest you consult with your Trainer or Fitness expert about your Goals and then choose workout routine and start training.

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You can also watch out this video


The conclusion I get from these type of training’s and the answer of your question how many times should you workout a week is that whether you work out three times a week or 6 times a week or you follow Push-Pull Leg split or Bro Split workout or Upper Lower body training protocol.

You will get the same result if you do training in a proper way with the right diet and right intensity and volume. And it also depends on your lifestyle and your goals. I hope you like and enjoy this article and learn something from it which is our goal.

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If you learn something from this article and It help you a little bit then please share your thoughts in the comment section and if you have any question then please let us known.

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